Goodnight Country Inn

Across from the restored
Charles Goodnight Ranch Headquarters.
Right off US 287, with the same view of the
Palo Duro Canyon the Goodnights saw in 1886.

About Us

Well, not really an “Inn”… but a clean and interesting place for a night or two.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Whether this is your first visit, or you have been a guest many times, we want your experience to be excellent. Not happy, tell us please. Happy? tell everyone else (and write a review or two).

This photo is one of Jim Livingston’s time lapse of the summer sky above the Goodnight Ranch Headquarters. Pretty sight, isn’t it? Come sit out and watch it for yourself.


Well… maybe Amenities isn’t quite the right word for The Goodnight Country Inn. You will have basic cable TV, fiber optic internet access, new heat/air with individual room control, hot and cold running water (and indoor plumbing!). There will be some road noise from US 287 …. and the BNSF coal trains are on the north side of 287 (where Goodnight helped them locate the original tracks up here). Fancy it aint (or isn’t), We’ll do all we can to make it a very pleasant stay. Pet policy is up to Darlene … most well behaved pets (and their owners) are welcome … but do ask, please.

Kitchen &
Sitting Room




The Kitchen / Sitting Room

Full size fridge/freezer, microwave, plates, utensils, coffee maker. Some snacks (microwave popcorn, granola bars) provided for you. Bottled water also (though our well water .. right from the cold pure Ogalla Aquifer red bed is safe and good to drink).

The Bedroom

One queen bed, cable television, full bath.

The Bathroom

Small garden tub, separate shower and new vanity, Handicap height commode; nice soft towels and “proper” tissue. We are on septic so we ask all paper be placed in the waste can provided, please.

Dining …. bring it, cook it … or drive a bit

If you want it fixed for you, then Clarendon (19 miles), Claude (12 miles) or White Deer (36 miles) are your choices … we will gladly recommend ( or advise against ) in each city. Amarillo, which is 40 miles west, and has some exceptional dining choices, in addition to many of the national chains and fast food.

Oh, those are bison t-bone steaks which we do sell at our store (along with other bison meat, hotdogs and brats. We have plenty of oak and some excellent grills if you want to start grilling; no extra charge. Ask when we talk.

The only room in town!

The history of Goodnight Texas, the town founded by Charles Goodnight, historic Texas and Colorado cattleman, is coming back alive.

Not fancy, but clean, comfortable and unique

The “Goodnight Country Inn” is the kitchen, main bedroom and master bath of our single wide trailer. The other bedroom and rooms are used for storage for our Herd Wear Retail Store.

Another view looking south

Our buffalo pasture (actually they are American bison … like Goodnight raised) are in the next pasture south. Stroll over to the fence and watch their curiosity peak at “new arrivals”.

The Charles Goodnight restored Ranch Headquarters

That’s the Goodnight Ranch House and the Haley visitor center just across Armstrong County Road 25. Behind that you can see the blue sky over the Palo Duro Canyon.

Part of the Herd Wear Retail Store

Better than any gift shop, the Herd Wear Retail Store offers All Things Bison — art, apparel, jewelry, collectibles, artifacts, hides, meat, jerky… no really, they have it all!

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Call Us

Cecil: +1-817-992-8220
Darlene: +1-817-727-3435
Front Desk: +1-915-247-6601

Front Desk Hours

Roughly 7:30 am to about 6:30 pm

The front desk is actually in the Herd Wear Retail Store, just out front of the Goodnight Country Inn.

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